6 Heads Smart Electric Neck and Back Pulse Massager TENS Wireless Massage Machine

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Product description

1.High frequency mute: noise reduction design, 0-20 decibels, very quiet, almost no sound
2.Lightweight and comfortable: 170G, light and thin, more comfortable to wear
3.Full silicone bracket: softer, less pressure, neck size fits
4.Micro-curved surface design: ergonomic design, fits the skin surface
5.Soft silicone inner arm pad: skin-friendly soft silicone inner arm pad
7.Strong endurance: built-in lithium battery, USB charging, one charge, 30 minutes of daily use, 15 days of sustainable use, long battery life.
8.TENS pulse massage: low-frequency pulsed electromagnetic current is conducted to the skin, and by activating the cells of the human body, it prevents soreness caused by muscle stiffness.
9.Warm care at 38~45℃: like a hot towel on your shoulders and neck, breakthrough hot compress temperature setting
10.4 modes: Automatic mode,acupuncture mode,hammer mode,kneading mode
11.15-speed Intensity adjustment, 6-head massage: accurately cover the 4-7th cervical spine peripheral massage, just cover the common pain area of the cervical spine. 


Item Type:Smart Neck Massager




Charging Time:4 Hours


Charger:5V 1A




Before use,use a small amount of water to wipe the conductive sheet or wet towel to wipe the use site!

People who should not use this product
1.1.People who are undergoing disease treatment or those with obvious physical discomfort must consult a doctor before use
2.2.Take good care of children to ensure that they do not play with this product.
3.3.The product has a hot surface, so people who are not sensitive to heat must pay attention to it when using it.
4.4.Patients with allergic constitution heart disease and other people with electronic devices in their bodies should be used with caution
5.5.This product is not intended to be used by someone,including children who are physically impaired, sensory or mentally impaired, or who lack
6.6.elevant experience and knowledge

1.DO not use when taking a shower or bathing. If this appliance falls into water, please pull out the plug immediately
2.DO not use in a humid environment, do not put this product in water or other liquid
3.DO not use needles or other metal objects to fix this product, do not use unrecommended accessories and accessories, and do not use it in the case that the appliance shell or power cord is damaged
4.DO not use this appliance when you are drunk or feel unwell. Do not use this product within one hour after a meal.
5.If you have a neck injury or have recently undergone surgery, please use it under the guidance of a doctor
6.People with heart disease and skin allergies should use it under the guidance of a doctor.

The massager has no voice, no text on screen, and only 1 blue dot during work.

Product Include

1 x Neck Massager

2 x Electrodes Pads

1 x Cable for Electrodes Pads

1 x USB Cable

1 x Remote Control

1 x Manual

1 x Box

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