2pairs Exfoliating Foot Masks

Product description

Easy to Apply, Absolutely Safe. Just follow the simple steps to apply this foot mask, you can also wear your socks outside the mask for a better absorbing.
Say Goodbye to Dry Rough Feet: Arishine foot care treatment can effectively soften the aged cuticle, remove dry dead skin and repair your coarse, cracked heels Baby your foot naturally: Contains all natural ingredients and powerful lactic acid. Mild and non irritating, Arishine foot pedicure mask peels your hard foot skin without irritation or discomfort.

User Manual- the correct instruction is very important, will influence the effect of foot mask.

1. wash and soak your feet with hot water, then dry your feet.

2. use the scissor to cut the seal of the foot mask package.

3. wear the foot mask, we recommended to wear a pair of normal socks outside to assure sufficient contact with essence.

4.remove the foot mask after 35-95 mins, then clean your feet.

5. Most people start to peel off dead skin after 48-hours use, but due to different skin type, someone may needs to use 2-3 pair, please use foot mask again 48 hours later.

6. do not use the mask if you have active cut or wounds.

7. we suggest you to soak your feet with hot water after 48-hours use.


  • Type: Foot Mask
  • NET WT: 35g
  • Ingredient: Water, lavender extract,other,
  • Use: Foot
  • Exfoliating Foot Mask: Mask for Legs
  • Feet Exfoliator: Remove Dead Skin
  • Skin Type: Fit all skin type
  • Effect: Repair,Moisturizing,Whitening

Package Included: 2Pair Foot Mask

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